got back last sunday in the early morn after a 14 hour trip from genova. had a really great week on sardegna. what a beautiful island, what odd but friendly people. and what great beaches.
want to go back now.
thank you johan for taking care of us in genova, and for getting us in at the gezmataz. two banks of four were wonderful.
i watched part of the first half of portugal-greece in a roadside restaurant in france (“football?,”the waiter said when i asked him if he could change the channel. “but it starts tomorrow, doesn’t it? france-england?” ah, the french, you gotta love ’em), the second half of spain-russia in a restaurant in luxembourg. i was the only one cheering for the spanish, and i was surrounded by russian truck drivers. at least, i think they were russian, because they were staring at me in a funny way when spain scored their goal.
i cheered for les bleus the other day, apologies to my british readers, but they have zizou. zizou is the best player in the world, no matter what trapattoni says.
i think we were lucky to score against the germans. i hardly cheered because i was so upset at the sight of the not so clockwork orange stuffing things up in porto.
new music online in /radio/, my contribution to blogomix 2 in realaudio. enjoy.

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Glad you liked it.
Still living without fridge, don’t think that will be in order before I leave the place.
Zizou was magical. Was at the seaside at someone’s country house having a barbecue, will be difficult to adjust back to the belgian climate 🙂

Spain acted like a machine. a pitty they didn’t looked that inspired against the Greeks. but he, they’ve got Plato don’t they?
Actually I am thinking of changing my identity to German, but I am afraid nobody will offer me work anymore in this stupid rightwinged country. fuck Advocaat.

Totti voor drie wedstrijden geschorst.
Wat maar weer eens de incompetentie van Trapattoni bewijst. Alhoewel, vergeleken met Advocaat…

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