what a guy

went to see der rainer yesterday night @ the cactus club in bruges rock city. we came in when he had just started, and the first thing we saw was my buddy david’s latest release “atítetoca” sticking out of rainer’s record bag. we were forced to keep our jackets with us as the wardrobe was full so we lay them on the floor. but since we’re responsible thirty somethings now, we didn’t dare leave them there to storm off to the dance floor. so there we were, next to the dance floor, trying to dance but not really, and mister trüby was playing one killer track after the other. great set, apart from one really cheesy hands-in-the-air “all children reach for freedom” track. i particularly liked the way he kept his cool when one record he was playing [carlito’s stomping d&b remix of koop’s “summer sun”] finished before he had the next one ready. on the koop record, carlito’s mix is followed by the acapella of the same track, and rainer left it playing [and it was obvious he didn’t do it on purpose]. when yukimi nagano was well on her way into the song, the funkiest man in freiburg started the next record, and it sounded pretty fucking cool. the smile on his face was triumphant.
as the mighty gilles peterson once said: “rainer trüby, what a guy!”

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Everyone present there that night will certainly remember Rainers last track, the broken hop track with the cut-up bluesy voice. couldn’t help to go and ask Rainer for the credits of that wonderfull song. and guess, it’s on Sonar Kollektiv, it’s not out yet, it might as well never come out due to problems of clearing the Carmen McCrae-sample. Anyway, Earfun’s “jus a lil’ lovin’ ” is no.1 on my wishlist from now one, the hunt is open.
Another thing: When commenting Rainer’s set as “subtile” in comparison to the no-go’s of Squadra Bossa, he replied chinstrokingly and quite laconically “yeeeeez, I know, I’m always subtile” :-~
Rainer Trüby, what a guy

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