the *real* desert storm

went to see dj storm perform the other day. ms. nixed and her hubbie came along, too, as you might have noticed. she [ie storm] was preceeded by red zone’s resident djs pan and pressure, of whom pan i liked most. they got the crowd nuff movin’, but when storm came on the place just about exploded. apart from playing the loud but always funky tunes she was so much fun to look at. showing off her excellent skillz and clearly enjoying the deejaying, her set was pumping like a motherfucker.
it also made me love the drum&bass again. i kinda fell out of love with the genre a couple years back because it had all gone soul- and funkless, but she played nothing but fan.tas.tic tunes, really hard but with enough ragga and amen breaks to keep luba happy. lovely, lovely, lovely.

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