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DJ Fancy Gangsta

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now that’s a pretty horrible name for a dj, methinks.
over the years i have used a lot of dj names. before 1995 i didn’t use a special name, for it wasn’t necessary. when i started spinning in clubs in spain, i used my “own” name. you should know that at the time, people knew me as “dave snuiter”. the story behind it: in ’93 i worked at this record distributor and the boss thought i was a bit of a funny bloke. not funny ha ha, mind. he called me “rare snuiter”, which is dutch for “weirdo”, sort of. “rare snuiter” is a mouthfull, so he started calling me “snuiter”. when i started working for the spanish branch of the company, they made the contract [along with 500 business cards] to the name of “dave snuiter”. so from then on, my last name was “snuiter”.
anywayz, in ’96 i started deejaying together with david lapof, who is now the proud owner of hitop records. we were playing strictly drum&bass using the name “mulletheadz”, which was a bit of piss-take. we sent the logo to goldie’s metalheadz by fax. it was the metalheadz logo with a mullet attached to it, drawn by me. they never answered.
when i moved to barcelona and went back to spinning on my own, i used the name “unhygienix”. i took it from alex garland’s the beach – the cook was called “unhygenix” which i found very funny [it sounded like an astérix character]. as i was playing all kinds of dirty beats i thought it was a good name. unfortunately, nobody else did.
in ’98 i moved back to the netherlands, and started working for a dj booking agency. one of the dj’s i was working for was hepcat, who invited me to play at a couple of the sub united parties. they liked the stuff i played, but strongly opposed to the name i used. in the end i thought it would be better to ditch it, also because nobody could remember the name or spell it right.
i was also using another name for drum&bass purposes: “racer d”, which came from a cartoon series, dexter’s laboratory. i actually still like that name. the thing is i was getting less and less invitations to play at drum&bass parties, so i stopped using it. later on my buddy steve green invited me to play with him at the holnd fstvl and we thought it would be funny to use silly names like “dj friendly” (as in “dj-friendly vinyl”) and “dj booth” (as in, well, “dj booth”). “dj booth” is the name i have been using to this day [also: “frank booth”, who is the evil character played by dennis hopper in blue velvet], although now i’m seriously thinking of simply using the luba moniker.
i don’t know, i’m not too good with names. but i do know “dj fancy gangsta” is really not one i should use.
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Why don’t you use the full “LUBACOV”, it’s got this ‘russian’ ring to it, and I for one would be interested to see a DJ whith that name in action. (btw D, d’r is wat mis met reactiescriptje, ik mail je vanavond de details door)

actually last week i played @ the grapevine in amsterdam with dewey, and he announced me as “lubacov”.
suddenly the place was crammed with russian mobsters drinking shitloads of vodka and requesting kozak classics.

amusing story that is! anyway, finding an appropriate name is damn hard.. unfortunately that dodgy quiz programme isn’t much of a help 😉

Tell me about it…
The name I got was DJ Sweet Poof, which could actually work if I had to spin in a gay joint.

stick to your DestinationUnknown name, no?
-> would use Luba or Lubacov …
racer d sounds very D&B
The name i got was Cool Wang,
don’t look very asean though…

I always used dj Roland when I played the turntables in my student town of Deventer back in early 9o’s and from a few years ago I started using dj Lando, playing mainly chill-out & downtempo music in and around Hilversum.. but I will stick to dj Lando but I hardly play anymore, unfortunatly..

@gio: yeah probably will
@rowlant: mabbe you and me and all my buddies who play-but-not-really should get together and spin rekkids for ourselves and our boy/girlfriends 😉

Maar LUBA toch, ‘k ben een man van bijna 50 jaar oud.
Muziek heeft me altijd geïnspireerd. Dat houdt me jong. Gisteren nog op ARTE was er een reportage over I. Stravinsky. De stokoude I.S. antwoordde op de vraag wat het voor een “oude” man betekent muziek te componeren: ” Maar ik ben niet oud”.
Van wat jij aanbiedt , “presenteert”, dus, ken ik zo goed als niks.Maar iedereen weet dat muziek altijd vóórloopt op de tijd, toch in elk geval de originelen.Muziek kondigt nieuwe tijden aan, erg vroeg.Dus: muziek is véél slimmer dan bijv. sociologie.
De vrag is: welke nieuwe maatschappij wordt er door die nieuwe muziek “gepresenteerd?”.
Zie : J. Attali , “Bruits”.

lubacov is cool, dj booth is even cooler. But actually it doesn’t matter cause you’re cool enough yourself. I did the quiz and got SNAPPY CHEESE :S
I’m the snappy answers girl, but no cheese thanx.

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