the dove of love flies no more

barry white is dead.

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Don’t hope for the person he was with that he was making it, image the WALRUS OF LOVE dying on top of you…

> walrus of love
quote from the bbc site:
resents being called ‘the walrus of love’ and would rather be known as ‘the dove of love’
this reminds of dutch actor herbert joeks, who played kluk-kluk in the ‘pipo de clown’ series. he used to say “i hope that when i die the newspapers won’t say ‘kluk-kluk is dead'”. when he died, what other newspaper than de telegraaf said on its front page: “kluk-kluk has past away”.
poor kluk-kluk.
poor walrus of love.

The ‘Dove’ of Love?
Think of such a large Dove shitting on your head..
He wasn’t called White for nothing after all then

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