the 4 year’s clean up

did some maintenance on the site, as some of you might have noticed. clean mt-install, switched to mysql databases and re-arranged the site a bit. there’s now archives for both the left column [ie this one] and the right one, which i in my infinite wisdom have called the shitter. as in dumping links, or something.
also there are monthly archives for the ears section.
still have to re-upload the files of the manual de moral y urbanidad, but it’s a bit early now for religious advise for the goody-two-shoe-ers who can read spanish, so you’ll have to wait.
update: el manual de moral y urbanidad is back online

5 replies on “the 4 year’s clean up”

ik weet eigenlijk niet of vroeger ook dit zo was, maar dat “archives” ziet er een beetje uit als een kopje. alsof je in het archief aan het kijken bent zeg maar…

@bareuh: babelfish won’t work – they’re all images [page scans].
@nathalie: no worries, you lazy bum ;-). and sorry about the deletion, you must have posted it right after i took the site offline.
@martijn: je hebt gelijk, ik ga er iets aan veranderen.

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