after fraser’s visit i decided to try quit smoking again. the problem is i love my weed, so until i stop doing that i’ll never really stop consuming the tobacco. but not smoking during the day should be no problem.
and it wasn’t, until last friday. i find it difficult not to smoke when going out to party. so when i hooked up with the friends i bummed a ciggie off one of them. it was a tigra. i love that logo, it’s so sweet. i used to work for a company in madrid whose boss had his own label, munster records. he ripped the tigra logo off [you can’t get tigra in spain so nobody knew it], but got told to stop doing that after a while.
anywayz, when i saw the packet and inhaled the tigra smoke i decided i would quit quitting and start smoking again, but only tigra from then on. just because i like the logo.
is that silly?

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in the eighties, there used to a larger than life painted tigra lady – with the whole body, not just the head – on the side of a building that stood along the Albertkanaal, on the outskirts of Antwerp. Always when I rode past it (by bike), I thought: ‘when I would be a smoker this would be my brand’. Years later I was one of them, and of course when in Belgium, I always bought Tigras whether in soft package or the hard box version.
I quit smoking overnight some four odd years back, and luckily never had a weak moment.
But lady Tigra always will be a temptress, fatal to some…

If they brought that package to the States, the smoking rate would go up, especially among the post-beatnik coffee-shop hipster crowd. Its so retro its new again.

well, let’s admit that if I, just a Dutchy, am in Belgium, I always buy a soft(!)-box op Tigra’s, because it is the best design ever for cigarettes. And I found out that they even do tobacco… But the design fits a box better…

U bent in goed gezelschap:
On a less praising note, as Humo put it in it’s ironic review of “Suite 16” : “We love the Wolfbanes. Amidst all their rock-n-roll attitudes, they are so un-rock’n’roll that they’ve become more of a mockery of a rock group. They’re desperately seeking street credibility in their lyrics it gets kinda amusing. In this respect, Suite 16 is the best Wolfbanes record so far. … Look past the pink neon-glow, the Tigra cigarettes, the ugly shirts and the hair of Mr. Punk which was conditioned with a handgrenade and you’ll discover Flanders’ best Las Vegas group.” (The Wolfbanes)
The Tigra design is indeed a wonderful one. Fortunately the packets over here in Belgium are not like this. The new plan of putting ‘frightening pics’ on the packs of cigarettes won’t do the design any good though.
The Tigra brand doesn’t only use a woman but a tiger as well, see here or here, hence the name.
Have to admit I sometimes buy this brand just because of the design of the pack. But my regular brand is Marlboro. Last time bought USA Marlboro, which scented like liquorice and although I ‘m Dutch, it just wasn’t that appealling.

my brand used to be marlboro as well, before i re-discovered the tigra. i sometimes get boxes of marlboro from the states, but they don’t taste ro smell like liquorice at all. if only…
what i do find however is that they sometimes smell like stickies. i remember my grandmother smoking her marlboros when i was a teenager and i actually asked her if she was smoking dope 🙂

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