pass the dutchie

“Black artists get ripped off, child stars get ripped off,” he says. “We were doomed from the start, really.”

guuz sent me this interview with dennis seaton and michael grant from musical youth.
i remember musical youth. i have their first album, a couple of 7″s and one or two 12″s. i loved them. but only for about as long as their fame lasted. soon, when i started to listen to more reggae, i was slightly embarrassed, even, for having been a fan. i mean, they were a bunch of kids making poppy reggae. i would have died if my buddies would have found out i had been walking around in my bedroom with a broom stick for a bass getting down to “schoolgirl” or something.
still, i wonder what they would’ve sounded like had they not disappeared into the jungle of deceit, drugs and insanity.

don’t know about that greatest hits album though.