nag nag nag

oh, how i long for those wheels of steel. i want to get back in the spinning game. ideally, getting the same amount of gigs as back in the day when my buddy david and i roamed the clubs and festivals of spain.
but then, this is northern europe. there’s so many people calling themselves deejays here, i can’t believe it. everywhere we go we hear djs spinning and we say to each other “i can do that” or “this guy sucks, why is he always playing everywhere?” and “we are so much better than this guy”, but the fact is, they are getting the gigs, we’re not. end of story.
well, no. we gotta fight for our right to play the rekkids we want to an audience broader than, well, ourselves, and our girlfriends, if appliccable. if only to save them [the girlfriends, i mean] from more whining about what should have been.
so i decided to give it another go. thing is, i’ve never been good at promoting myself. the whole schmoozing game is not for me. i know so many people in “the bizz” yet i can’t get myself to kiss their behinds in order to get a gig at some party or whatever. still, that’s what you need to do, apart from actually having the skills and the music to justify your appearance, naturellement.
another problem for me is: i can’t seem to get it right when recording a promotional set. every time i start spinning and recording a 60 or 70 minute set to send to promoters and so on, something goes wrong. the mixes suck, the records i pick somehow don’t really fit in with the others, … what is that?
the other day i recorded a lickle mix for someone and it turned out really well. so well that i decided to use it to promote myself. but it’s a mix of one kind of music, and i play so much more. so i wanted to record another one, featuring other kinds of music. and failed miserably. again. so what’s next? do i wait until i coincidentally tape a great set? do i send out just this one and forget about the other stuff?
now that i’m reading back all this i ask myself “and why do you think other people want to dance to your records?”. the answer is, i don’t know. all i know is that i and a lot of the people surrounding me want to hear the kindamuzik we like outside of our own homes. we are not satisfied with what the [antwerp] club scene has to offer. we don’t want to hear more electrocla$htrash, boring vocal house or trance. so if others won’t play the west-london breaks or nu-jazz stuff we like, we’ll have to do it ourselves. surely we’re not alone in this?
are we?

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you’re fuckin right Dave!!!
You rule as a dj, and have to start promoting yourself 🙂
I will too you know? To start i will dj at a posh arty party on the 10th of a tv show, i think it will be cool they told me the mexican ambassador is going, oh my!

never mind a perfect mix, I never make a perfect mix and still send ’em out to promote myself. ehm, maybe that’s why I don’t get so much bookings to play out. But still, if you wanna put a lot of styles in a dj-mix, i’ts the tunes that matter not the beatmixing.

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