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last night i went to the lovely city of ghent to attend the first ever beyondjazz party @ charlatan. we didn’t stay very long, but long enough to witness that très sympa guy called david borsu play a wikkid live gig. apparently it’s a bit unsure when his magnificent album sparkling will be released but i’m telling you, it’s a bomb!
the coming week i’ll be in amsterdam to visit some friends and to cover the amsterdam dance event for kindamuzik.

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also, i will be playing rekkids alongside the mighty dewey sakitumi on tuesday night @ the grapevine, hazenstraat 19. step right in and take some licks!

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chips! sjimmie en ik hadden ook willen gaan naar het ADE maar ik heb een aantal cursusdagen … d’oh!!! normaal op vrijdag vrij f*k … next time be earlier with the announcement! damned!

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