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yesterday night was a good night. started off kinda icky, trouble getting out of antwerp and that, mostly due to my own neurosis and impatience, but by half past 6 we were on our way to brussels to interview the mighty mike ladd and see the majesticons play. when nearing brussels i got a message from the record company dude saying the band hadn’t arrived yet, and that the interview would be post-poned until 8 o’clock. so i had been hurrying and worrying for nothing.
the band was supposed to play at half past 8, but by 9 they still weren’t there. we feared the gig would be cancelled. we got inside and stumbled upon stevie and thom, what a pleasant surprise, especially after them going awol on friday.
5 minutes before the deadline the band walked in. woo! record company dude said we would have to do the interview afterwards, which was just fine.
infinite livez and dj a’lafu came on, accompanied by a one-eyed mr. hanky, trying to prepare the [surprisingly small] crowd for what was to come. although they didn’t manage to rock my world, they got the crowd kinda going.
but then the majesticons walked on stage, and immediately the ab club started burning. we were blown away by the sheer energy of their performance. i already loved the “beauty party” and i have been a big mike ladd fan for a couple years, but i hadn’t expected this. fucking amazing! four emcees and one dj, they be getting down with no delay. each one had incredible presence, a’lafu was dropping the killer beats and the crowd was jumpin’ jumpin’. suddenly, halfway through the set the majesticons threw off their clothes and to everybody’s amazement the infesticons appeared from underneath. “god bless the infesticons, fuck the majesticons!” crowd went mad. or i did, anyway. infinite livez joined the posse on stage and he rocked, too. man i had a good time.
talking to them afterwards was really good as well, and i did something i don’t recall ever doing before in my life: i asked them to sign the record i had just bought. felt like a teenager 🙂
yep, yesterday night was a good night.

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