news from the work front woo!: as of now i am the benelux promo boy for hitop records. so if hitop doesn’t succeed, they’ll know who to blame 😉
furthermore, like last year i’ve been asked by 5voor12 to write the texts for the program booklet of this year’s 10 days off.
in other news, this site was down for the better part of yesterday. sorry about that, but it wasn’t my fault. i guess it all had something fe do with last saturday’s hack of the server this site and nucult, mjz and bookless are on.
the other day i went to see cinematic orchestra play the soundtrack to “man with a movie camera” @ the bourla in antwerp. wonderful. it was a mixture of accompanying music and interpretations of some of the sounds in the [silent] movie, and their accuracy was frankly stunning. bought the single afterwards which features a nice domu remix, heh.
and yesterday we saw the roots play live at the ab in brussels, which was quite stunning, too. i’d never really seen them play live, i only heard them play once, in the distance, at the festimad in madrid a couple years ago. and i saw rahzel perform with beck at the same festival, although i don’t remember if it was that same year or not. the roots’ live show was murder most of the time, i didn’t find them very inspired during their jams but hey, you can’t have it all, now can you? there was a nice’n’freaky guest appearance by one of the zap mama ladies, and the guy who replaced cody chestnutt [i don’t remember his name, either, sorry] during “the seed” was excellent.
next up is the domino fest at the ab, between april 7th and 16th. i hope we can get tickets for that [depends on the money situation, i guess], because that’s looking quite good.

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K-Os, zo heet die vervanger van Cody, denk ik, want K-Os doet het voorprog van The Roots tijdens de Eurotournee.

over dat werk: goed man!
en ik ben benieuwd hoe cinematic orchestra live was in hun soundtrackgebeuren. biosphere heeft ooit voor dezelfde film ook een soundtrack gemaakt. ik neem dat c.o. behoorlijk anders klinkt.

ja was goed he cinematic, ik heb ze ook gezien in paradiso. en inderdaad een ille remix van Domu.

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