i spent last weekend surrounded by trees. it was wonderful. went for a 40 km. mountainbike ride with a guy who does that every week. “40 km.,” i thought, “i can do that.”
well, i could, but not the way i had imagined. many years of all smoking and hardly any exercise have taken a toll bigger than i had thought. after about 7,5 km. of really fast cycling throught the woods i almost passed out. i had to take a break, meanwhile putting up with all kinds of friendly and well-deserved insult by my co-rider. well-deserved, because before we went for the ride, i had been practicing my boasting skills. a lot. he suggested we go back immediately but i couldn’t get myself to say yes even though my whole body was screaming for mercy.
so i rode on. we slowed down a bit and it worked perfectly, it even made me decide to get a mountainbike and do this more regularly. it also left me somewhat surprised about my physical state. i mean, i do exercise a little bit, i go running up and down the schelde river here in antwerp every once in a while, but cycling is a whole different ball game. and cycling in the woods, well, even more so.
but it was great. really. i’d forgotten how much i actually love the woods.
didn’t smoke during the whole weekend, either.
although, as soon as we got into the car to start the journey home, i was craving for a little cancer stick. lit one, too. back to the city and its unhealthy air and lifestyle.

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ongetraind 40 km mountainbiken? dat is je reinste zelfmoord. ik vond ongetraind 25 km (zoals ikzelf een paar weken terug ben gaan doen) al teveel. maar het was geweldig, inderdaad. en je zult zien dat je in het begin ontzettend snel vooruit gaat, dus na een keer of vier kun je al best aardig mee. heb ik ondervonden.

het gekke is: ik heb geen enkele last gehad van spierpijn. ik zweer het je.
mijn kont, dat is een ander verhaal. het lijkt alsof ik een paar dagen met big nick in een cel heb vertoefd in het kader van het twee-in-een-cel beleid.
gelukkig doet het alleen zeer als ik lach.

had ik gezegd dat we hier in limburg van die hoge bergen hebben? nou, inderdaad. hier ook geen spierpijn, maar ik was goddomme helemaal kapot. geef mij maar fijne bospaden enzo.

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