eggs in the morning

unbelievable how qotsa‘s rated r album still lifts my spirit. it’s like with foo fighters‘ first album – it gives me the energy to actually get up in the morning. of course, i have to get up anyway to stick the record on, but you know what i mean.
what is it?
is it the lyrics?
is it the music?
is it the energy?
please allow me to kick in an open door, as they say in the dutch speaking countries: it’s probably a combination of all. how’s that for a deep analysis, huh?
top ten favourite albums to get up by [in no particular order, of course]:

foo fighters – foo fighters
queens of the stone age – rated r
koop – waltz for koop
who wouldn’t want to wake up to the soothing voice of yukimi nagano?
monster magnet – superjudge
it’s heavier than the foos of the fight age, but it makes me laugh. i like that in a man.
motorpsycho – demon box
one of the all-time favs for doing anything, really.
john coltrane – a love supreme
this needs no explanation, methinks.
the congos – heart of the congos
one of my all-time favourite reggae albums.
the specials – the specials
makes me want to shake my derrière, instantly.
chug – sassafras
ah, the ruggedness of this poppy music.
shy fx & uk apachi – original nuttah
you should see me jumping around to this one in the morning, buttnaked and still half asleep.
um, maybe you shouldn’t.

tell me yours in the comments!

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Queens of the Stone age, the self titled cd. (I actually prefer that one over Rated R);
Any album by Placebo;
Bark Market – L Ron (if that doesn’t wake me up, i’m probably dead);
Faith No More – King for a Day… (especially Last To Know);
…and more, depending on my mood.

V/A – Calypso Awakening [’50’s Trinidad, original field recordings for Smithsonian]
The Slackers – Red Light [NYC Ska]
Studio One DJ’s [‘From the #1 station…’ if that won’t wake yer ass up, nothing will]
Trojan Skinhead Box
Trojan Rocksteady Box
QOTSA – Songs For The Deaf
[Breakfast of champions]
…and most recently:
Coltrane – A Love Supreme
Mingus – Ah Um
Matthew Herbert Big Band – Goodbye Swingtime

Dusty Springfield – Dusty in Memphis. She sings like she had a really wild, but satisfying night, and likes to take it easy in the morning, but is up for more…
Miles Davis – Kind of Blue. The ideal ecord for doing anything, anywhere, anytime.
Dusminguet – Go. Spanish anything-goes-combo, that brightens up every rainy day.
Jimmy Smith – I’m Movin On. Happy-go-lucky-organplayer, refreshes parts other organists cannot reach.
Congos – Heart of the Congo. The ultimate cool, indeed.
Al Green – Gets Next To You
It’s the optimism in the voice of the good reverend.
Isabella Antena – L’Alphabet du Plaisir. It’s the oh-so-lovely smile in her voice, especially in the song Antena

‘Morituri te salutante’ – not just another ultimate joy division gig… the AM-hissy sound quality of this bootleg only adds more sunshine to my day.
Highlight: “Fadeaway, Fadeaway (audience: héé!)

– everything by jaga jazzist
– kyuss: and the circus leaves town
– john coltrane: giant steps
– him: sworn eyes
– miles davis: in a silent way
– fu manchu: the action is go
– mogwai: happy songs for happy people
– ozric tentacles: become the other
– khanate: khanate

this week:
The Detroit Experiment,
before sleeping and after waking up,
too lazy to replace the cd in the bedroom’s stereo so it gets stuck there for quite some time

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