i first heard dwele on a recloose track, ‘ain’t changin” [to be found on his splendid debut album cardiology, Planet E/!K7, 2002]. that track is a bomb, not to mention c2’s wonderful remix.
around that time, people started talking about dwele, word had it his album was due out soon and it would be an absolute stunner. mr. peterson mentioned him a couple times and tension started to build.
a few months later, there was talk of a tape of dwele’s debut album, and my expectations started rising. but it wasn’t until early this year [more than a year after ‘ain’t changin” came out] when we finally got a promo copy of subject, dwele’s album which was going to be released on virgin. when i told my kindamuzik buddies, fights broke out over who was going to write the review.
all that changed when the disc found its way to my mail box and finally my cd player. i had already heard a couple tracks on gp’s worldwide show, and i knew he had this r&b thing going on, but i was still heavily disappointed when i heard the whole album. it was nothing but r&friggin’b. and of the slicker-than-thou variety, too! i hated it.
suddenly, there was only one km writer left who still wanted to do the review, and we were more than happy to let him. it was the disappointment of the year, for me. sure, there are a couple tracks on it i like, quite a lot even, but overall it’s just waaaay to slick for my liking. i much prefer someone like bilal, who’s pretty slick, too, but there’s a certain ruggedness that in his music that makes me dig it.
funnily enough, most of the people i share my musical tastes with really do like the album. in fact, volga is the only one who totally agrees with me.
the other day two of the three trübys were in antwerp, and we met up before the gig. we talked about dwele, and they said we need slick music like dwele’s. they totally love his stuff. now, rainer trüby is one artist whose music and taste i deeply respect, so i started doubting my own judgement. imagine that.
luckily though, both trüby and christian prommer turned out to be big fans of mary j. blige, too, and i know she is one overrated singer. [that girl cannot sing, i’m telling you. check that track she did with common, man, she sings out of tune! and i heard her sing live once, damn, i can sing better than that.]
but still… so when giovanni came round the other day i snatched dwele’s album from his car and copied it, just because i want to give it another go. i’ve been listening to it today, and i even though i hear a couple things that i think are great, i still wouldn’t buy the album. i still think it’s too slick.
my point? no point, just wanted to share it with you, my dearest readers. mabbe you can give your opinion in the comments.

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i think you’re right, it’s just an arrenbie singer. somebody like peven everett is a lot better, although i really like dwele’s Angel track (in all mixes) and his funky little stevie wonder cover Too Fly.

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