dub organiser #1

first in series of three [i think, mabbe it’s gonna be more] dub excursions, going from original dub style to modern sounds. this first chapter is mainly roots reggae and dub hinting to newer styles at the very end with theo parrish’ remix of sun ra’s ‘saga of resistance’.
chapter two online next week.
title: dub organiser #1
file: realaudio
duration: 60 mins.
jacob miller – stop them jah
augustus pablo – keep skanking on
king tubby – blessed dub
the upsetters – scratch the dub organizer
the upsetters – blackboard jungle dub version 2
dr. alimantado – just the other day
michael rose – clap the barber
horace andy – skylarking
jacob miller & augustus pablo – false rasta
jacob miller & augustus pablo – hungry town scanc
burning spear – the invasion
big youth – marcus garvey dread
burning spear – marcus garvey
jah woosh – satta land
king tubby – cold hearted dub
the congos – congoman
sun ra – saga of resistance [theo parrish mix]

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