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i need to get out more. just tried flipping the page of this mag i was reading by a left mouse click.
got paid yesterday for a lickle job i did a while ago. sad how my mood changed for the better when i had the money in my pocket. went to a record store to buy some wax for the first time in ages, but while walking towards the turntables with a big pile of records in my hands i realised there was no way i could buy them all, or even more than two, so i put them all back and went home.
took the lady out for dinner instead, which was nice.
i was just listening to this song called ‘songs about songwriting’ by herman düne and the flower choir ensemble, and the chorus went

songs about songwriting suck so i’m writing a song about songs about songwriting

now that’s class, don’t you think?
i need a name for a company that translates stuff from spanish to english and vice versa, dutch to spanish and vice versa, and writes texts in english, spanish and/or dutch for companies or private persons. it should be funny and easy to remember, as it will be used in a url as well. any ideas?
send me a mail or leave your suggestion in the comments.
thank you.
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8 replies on “d’oh!”

How’bout: Espanol and back? Of andersom natuurlijk, maar ik ken het Spaanse woord voor ‘en terug’ niet (English en terug, wordt het dan)

– iknownothin’ –
paraphrasing 20th century european community icon avant la lettre Manuel….

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