cute kittens my ass

i knew it, i knew it. according to this article [found via the daily rotten] some cat parasite infects the human brain and alters their personality. i’m telling you, within a couple years we’ll all be like cat.
“cool but shallow” it says. well there you go. it’s already happening. everybody is going stupid over electroclash, wearing silly pointed pink boots, fishnets and fluorescent pink and orange blouses with ridiculous shoulder pads, their faces painted like steve strange had never disappeared to wales.
never mind the moors and christians and their religious vomit: the cats have taken control over western europe and they’re here to stay.
may bast save us all.

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y y o tengo dos gatos! pero siempre he sido maja, ahora que si puedo gastar más dinero en ropa no me importaría 😉 eso del toxoplasma me tiene asustada, pero seriamente, a veces tengo dolores de cabeza y mi novio igual. serán los gatos?

de nada hija. ara falta lo otro. estoy en ello.
re: dolores de cabeza > serán las cantidades escandalosas de jaco que os metéis 😉

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