cheese is art [bareuh dixit]

Bill Pullman’s call to arms as US president in the film Independence Day has been named the cheesiest movie moment of all time by Empire magazine.
i remember that speech. the first time i saw that movie was in a huge cinema in madrid, and it was a dubbed version. there was about twenty of us, and when pullman finished both my friend ander and me got up and shouted “¡viva la paella!” out of sheer excitement.
one of the cheesiest moments in film i think is the scene in blue velvet where rosselini is held by jeffrey beaumont and says “i have you inside me” and then laura dern’s face … i don’t know what you call it she does with it, but she shouts a dramatic “jeffrey!”. somehow i think this wasn’t meant as an ironic edam moment, whereas the other cheesy scene in that movie, the one where laura dern talks about a dream she had featuring cute little robins, was. i hope.