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i have a tape somewhere with a song i recorded from television when i was 12 or 13. the song is by the cookie monster doing a parody of isaac hayes’ ‘shaft’. does anyone remember that one? it’s called ‘cookie disco’ [lyrics] and it rocks bells, even in the dutch version. the sesame street posse were a pretty funky bunch. one of the songs i liked most was the pinball one, where they count all the numbers, you know? well, today i found a 12″ on ninja tune with a dj food re-edit of that very song, which accidentally is by the pointer sisters [didn’t know that until today]! woo!
the a-side features a larry levan disco mix of ‘c is for cookie’, by the way. pretty fucking funky, too.
i realaudioed the pinball song for your listening pleasure: check.

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  1. 1000 maal dank! Mijn favo is nog altijd Count dracula (Graaf tell) met een liedje over het mensenlijk lichaam … gooi daar maar een electrosaus overheen 😉

  2. i still watch sesame street on the off chance they’d show it again
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