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i got a couple mails in from people axing me when i’m gonna place another one of my brilliant writings. which probably means they don’t look to the right, as that part is updated frequently, kind of.
even so, you make me happy, regular readers. thank you.
the thing is, right now i’m not really up for writing anything substantial. i’ve been without inspiration for a while now, and i’m also really busy with the coverage for kindamuzik of this festival 10 days off. co-ordinating and stuff, you know, acting like i’m real important and stuff. the festival starts on friday, and it looks like i’ll be there 9 out of 11 nights. after which i will probably drop dead. it’s gonna be fun though. of course, otherwise i wouldn’t be doing it. it’s not like i or anybody else is getting paid to write about music. even those who do are still poor.
but hey, it’s the music that counts. fuck food, gimme beats.
anywayz, for those of you who understand dutch, check kindamuzik for updates. there’s already a couple nice lickle articles on there: a plumpers profile, interviews with lcd soundsystem, colder, blackstrobe. there will be more in the next couple days, like nicole‘s interview with erol alkan, and one i did with stefan strüver.
amidst all that, the volga and i will continue our journey to god knows where, check it out, it’s nice.
i hope normal business will resume shortly. see you then.

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who cares about food if you have beats really? yeah i know we are a bit mad… i’m djying again on saturday and i’m not sure if I’ll get paid. do i have to go to the shrink?
have tons of fun dave!!

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