greg whitfield interviews more rockers’ rob smith about the beautifullest of all sounds: bass – the final frontier
it was dutch heroes doe maar‘s “bella donna” that made me fall in love with the bass sound. it’s a three-minute-long instrumental track with a break in the middle, with only henny vrienten’s bass sounding, echoing. it’s extremely simple yet beautiful. there were times that i listened to it every morning a couple times on my walkman while doing my paper round. every time the song came on i stopped and listened, not wanting to be distracted by anything. then i would rewind the tape and listen to the song again, and again, and again, before continuing with my work.
ever since, i have wanted to play bass. i used to fiddle about a bit on my uncle’s bass guitar when i was a kid, but i never seriously got around to actually learning how to play it. after doe maar i got into reggae and ska. together with my class mate nicolai i started frequenting the record stores in breda [bullitt, tunesville] and tilburg [king, tommy] looking for new but mainly old roots reggae and dub rekkids. i’m actually still looking for this one record by nicodemus, but i don’t remember the title. nicolai had it, it had the heaviest bass sounds on it that i had ever heard in my life, apart from some really raunchy lyrics.
<note to self> should get in touch with nicolai, mabbe he still has the disc</note to self>
after speaking to dr. das a couple weeks ago i decided: this year i’m gonna get a bass guitar.

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Onlangs in een dj-set Vergeet Me van de Doe Maar-plaat Doris Day & Andere Stukken voorbij laten komen, en onderwijl luchtbas proberen te spelen. Dan merk je pas wat Vrienten allemaal kon, wat potverdikkie, wat een retelekkere baslijn zit er in dit nummer, lekker offbeat gespeeld. Ook heel fijn als het om bas en Doe Maar gaat, is natuurlijk Doe de Dub, de dubversie van Skunk & Doris Day.

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