buddy guuz took me to the legendary hof ter lo last weekend to see the datsuns. actually there were three bands playing, the gaza strippers and the hellacopters [who were the actual headliners] were playing as well, but we just wanted to see the datsuns. gaza strippers’ singer wasn’t there due to i don’t know what circumstances, so they did a kind of jam with members of the other two bands playing along. the two or three songs featuring the datsuns’ singer and guitarist made it clear that their own show would be the rokkenest.
and so it was. well, i think. didn’t see the hellacopters so i’m not sure. but the last time i saw them i found them boring. the datsuns rocked hard, but still not quite as hard as i had hoped. mabbe it was the venue, hof ter lo sucks as a venue; mabbe it was the crowd, they all looked really dangerous and wild, but they were hardly moving when the band played; mabbe it was because the boys are a bit tired of all that touring. i heard someone say they have been on the road for over a year [was that you gz?]. anywayz, i would like to see them in a smaller club and headlining. i heard they’re gonna be playing in brussels in february, so i guess i’ll give them another chance, heh.

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je hebt wel het feest van het jaar gemist…ha ha nee hoor. het was een goed feest en ik hoop dat je snel weer eens deze kant op komt, dan kunnen we weer eens aan een popkwis meedoen, samen met Els.

dat gaat zeker gebeuren. onze plannen om terug te verhuizen naar de nederlanden zijn nu serieus.
weet je nog een baan en een woning voor me? 🙂

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