vroeger, ja vroeger

You’ve been there. You’ve stood in fields, still sweaty and warm inside from a day in the sun and possibly a drink or two, and you’ve watched the sun go down, and you’ve seen the people start their bonfires. You’ve wondered whether that’s a sunstroke you’re having. You’ve witnessed a band in their prime OWN an audience. You’ve heard the pin drop. Your skin has crawled, and you never knew whether it was the chill of the night or the intensity of the moment. With your friends around you, and your face turned up to the stage, mouthing words. You. are. the. every. thing.

mooi stuk van prolific over r.e.m. op pinkpop 1989.

ik wist niet dat dat de band’s laatste optreden ooit was in nederland, trouwens.

ah, de herinneringen…

klinkt: green velvet – lalaland