i used to have an extra email address, you know, one of those free ones. was using it for registrations and so on, so that spammers can send their shite there instead of soiling my home inbox. i tried to log in this morning, but i got a message that my account has been disabled or “not yet validated”. which means i have to pay for it. but they’ve already disabled it. and i’m not gonna pay. they did this without warning. is that even legal? imagine if i would have been using it for all my mail. what a bunch of motherfuckers.

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I had a similar one – – which I’d give people if I didn’t have a card or a pen – cause it was so easy to remember. I only check the account once per month or so, but I have some e-mails stored there that I really wanted to keep hold of. This morning I log in and everything has been deleted. The addresses I was saving are no more. Bastardo.

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