many of my loyal fans have been asking me what’s the deal with the titles of the rauxa weblog. so, here’s a small explanation.

so far, i have used three titles:

  • live fast diarrhea

    i stole this one from an album by the vandals. i put the h back in diarrhea. hmm, that might be a good title, too, heh. i think it’s a very funny line.

  • live fast, die

    another variation of the “live fast, die young” line. it was a tattoo featured on gg allin‘s luscious body. gg allin ruled. he’s dead now.

  • metallic cocaine be-bop

    the one i’m using at the moment. it’s a phrase from william s. burroughs’ book “the naked lunch”, and it’s also used by one of my favourite bands, motorpsycho, in their song “demon box”, from the album with the same name. if you don’t know motorpsycho, go check them out. they kick ass. i’m using the second line from that song, “sonic rainbow child”, for my other weblog lubacov, by the way.

    so there you have it. i hope you’re happy now.

    audio: quick & brite – young urban professionals [website]