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went to see nightmares on wax the other day. the new album “mind elevation” doesn’t do it for me, but i saw them 7 years ago @ the dr. music fest in the spanish pyrenees and i loved it, so i thought “hell, why not?” amon tobin was playing as well, so if n.o.w. wouldn’t cut it, i’d still have amon to fall back on.
“mind elevation” is like musical wallpaper to me. the tracks on it are okay, but i don’t feel anything when playing them. which is actually the case with each album i have by them. funny thing: sometimes when i’m out and about and i hear the dj playing a good track, i go and see what it is. it has happened a couple of times already he or she was playing a n.o.w. track, one i have in my collection and therefor should know. but every time i play one of the three albums i own, i just stop listening after a while. i mean, the record plays on, but i don’t really hear it anymore. same thing for “mind elevation”. wierd, huh?
anyways, the gig was great. the band was smooth, the bass sounded just like i remembered it from that spanish gig, the overall sound was really good and warm, it was a party.
then amon tobin came on. i was curious about what he was going to do, as he told me in an interview that he was going to use this thing called final scratch, a device that allows you to play computerfiles and cds and such like a record, so you can pitch them, do some scratching and so on.
he started out like one would expect: chaotic, trippy, loud, beautiful. but after about 15 or 20 minutes he brought on the hardcore drum’n’bass stuff, the boring kind imho. i waited a bit to see if he was gonna go back to the trippy stuff, and he did, for about 10 minutes, after that he played more monotonous drum’n’bass.
so i walked. the melkweg cafe can be a pretty pleasant place to chat. had a good time re-connecting with old friends, but in the back of my head the disappointment about tobin’s gig kept stinging.

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you hit the nail right on the head ! i feel exactly the same about n o w . well, except for ‘nights…’ of course.
too bad amon tobin took the easy option for this tour…

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