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went to see jazzanova the other day, here in antwerp. first there was this dj who shall remain nameless, playing a curious mix of nice tracks and really awful ones [the majority]. there was absolutely no flow in his set, and the hours before the jazzanova’s came on seemed days, but around 2-ish they finally arrived. and it was stunning. such a nice mix of electro, jazz, bossa nova, dub, uk garage, drum & bass and hip hop – hell, i even danced! i used to be a big dancer, but the last couple of years i haven’t been able to find that old travolta gene in me. well, it was there last tuesday.
didn’t stay until the end. like a sad old bastard i got tired, and i couldn’t stop thinking about the deadline for a lickle article i had to write about them, the following day. had great fun tho with the kindamuzik beats posse, especially johan was on a roll 😉
what a great way to start the summer season.

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2 thoughts on “that night-night-night-night

  1. yep, it definitely happened that night…
    en het houdt niet op want ze komen terug naar Dour, 10days en Pukkelpop !
    Jiehaa !

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