borrowed this from anja
it’s like the soundtrack of my life, but different. all answers shot from the hip, of course.
01. Reminds you of an ex-lover.
banco de gaia – maya
02. Reminds you of an ex-friend.
dire straits – love over gold
03. Reminds you of your childhood.
gladys knight & the pips – midnight train to georgia
04. Makes you cry. [well, almost – luba]
motorpsycho – junior / the kostars – don’t know why
05. Makes you laugh.
anything by wesley willis
06. Makes you want to dance.
the one that stands out: shy fx & uk apache – original nuttah
07. Reminds you of the one you’re with.
koop – in a heartbeat
08. Makes you very, very sleepy.
aphex twin – selected ambient works II
09. You wish you wrote:
i can’t think of anything, really
10. You wish had been written for you:
err.. dunno
11. Fills you with complete joy.
foo fighters – foo fighters
12. You never want to hear again.
anything by k3
13. You want to get married to.
i don’t want to get married
14. You want played at your funeral.
this is subject to changes, of course. motorpsycho, cocteau twins, chet baker, to name but a few
15. Makes you want to mosh/slam dance.
kyuss, monster magnet, stooges, old school motorpsycho, qotsa, new bomb turks, again, to name but a few
16. Sums up your teenage years.
oh dear. errr… i have no idea [for now]
17. You used to hate but now love.
early tröckener kecks
18. You like to wake up to.
foo fighters – this is a call
19. You like out of your parent’s record collection.
johnny cash, gladys knight & the pips, camarón de la isla
20. Your parents like out of your collection.
johnny cash, gladys knight & the pips, camarón de la isla
21. You love that you wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for your friend.
many things. thank you guuz, erwin, gerwin and nicolaï
22. Makes you think of someone who died.
frank sinatra – my way [yeah yeah, i know. sue me]
23. You love the video more than the tune.
n.e.r.d. – lapdance [don’t get me wrong – i like the tune. but that video, oh baby]
24. Reminds you of your first crush.
the smiths – meat is murder
25. Makes you want to scream and smash things.
the stooges – i wanna be your dog
26. Makes you think of the moon.
echo & the bunnymen – killing moon [duh]
27. Makes you think of sex.
david bowie – heroes [don’t ask]
28. Makes you think of being alone.
mike ladd
29. Describes a moment out of your life perfectly.
nothing i can think of.
30. Makes you think deeply.
many things, depends on my mood, really

One reply on “soyl-ish”

You know, everytime I want to fill out these music questionnaires, only one song comes to mind because its brilliance and love erases the rest of my musical memory completely. It’s intrinsically subjective to a moment. So today, for all the 30 questions my answer is :
“Last train to London” by E.L.O.
Tomorrow undoubtedly, there’ll be another SongOfTheDay.

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