i just spoke to a friend who went to see slipknot in hamburg last night. he said they played for about 40 minutes and the entrance fee was 35 euros.
what the fuck? and since when are bands allowed to do 40 minute gigs? that’s not very rock&roll is it? and what’s up with that website? what kind of shitty website is that? a display of the tour, and that’s it? what do they do with all that money? i mean if they charge those poor teenagers 35 euros for a gig, they must be loaded by now. hell, playing 40 minute gigs, they could do, what, 3 a night?
on the other hand, there’s about 30 men in that band, and they all have to eat, so mabbe that’s why they charge so much. and kids shouldn’t be listening to that crap anyway, so if they want to go and see them live, well, let them pay. that’ll teach ’em. yay for slipknot.
that’s “yay”, not “woo”. keep your pants on.