why is it that i like the eighties more now than when they were actually happening?

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one word: nostalgia. (which, by the way, is a great song by eighties-hero David Sylvian). nostalgia works like a veil: it hides the ugly spots & bad features.

Funny, with me it’s the other way round.
At the time I didn’t hate the ’80s, they were just… ‘there’. The shoulder pads, Level 42, white socks, Dire Straits, rolled up jacket sleeves, Phil Collins, and [treading dangerous waters here] godforsaken mullets were basically accepted as belonging to the times.
It’s nowadays that I wonder ‘what the f@ck were we thinking’? Especially now that we get all that false ’80s nostalgia about children’s tv shows etcetera, I’m confronted most with how crap the Eighties were.
[notwithstanding Smiths, New Order, Pixies]
Or did you not mean the cultural aspects of the ’80s? ‘Cos if it’s the polarised, politicised society, the false sense of securityand the stark economic prospects you miss, well… you’re in for a treat of unabashed ’80s nostalgia the next few years…;-)

actually, i’m refering to the music more than anything else. i still don’t get the shoulder pads thing.
the mullet however, now that’s something to be cherished. but i don’t think we need fear the disappearing of the hairstyle of the gods, ever. the mullet is timeless, always has been.

Funny… musically, the eighties were always my favourite decade, even at the time. Not for the stuff we generally think of as being eighties related, but for all the alternative stuff that shaped my taste and made me the man I am today… Big Black, Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, Husker Du, Replacements, everything on Homestead, everything on SST etc… the list goes on and on…

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