i just found a record which i always assumed was one particular one i have about 10 copies of [the only vinyl release on my former label fluff girl wax, now owned by 2 wikked].
it’s a white label, or a test pressing rather, nothing on it but a catalogue number [sr-9901]. but i didn’t look at it before taking it out of the sleeve to have a listen. much to my surprise, it was an lp, where i had exepcted a 12″ single. i put it on and some old guy is singing on it. it’s country music, but a bit like the bloodshot kind of country. didn’t recognise the songs, until the third one started: “you think i’m psycho don’t you, mama?”. intrigued, i started googling for the title, and found out it’s a song written by leon payne. i know i’ve heard it before, but it wasn’t by the man singing on this album.
so i decided to blog it, asking you my faithful readers and music lovers to help me out.
but in the meantime i googled some more, with the catalogue number this time. turns out to be “red dirt” by andre williams & the sadies, released on sonic rendezvous! the cd was released on … bloodshot records woo!
i love the internet.

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t Zou kunnen dat je Psycho kent in de versie van Beasts of Bourbon (heb ik ooit getaped van John Peel, de afkondiging staat ook nog op de tape: I love a band with a sense of humour, dont you?) of van Elvis Costello, op de b-kant van de single Good year for the Roses.

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