oh well

just saw a lovely match on teevee. it wasn’t great football, but it certainly was fun to watch. and seeing guus hiddink like that put a big smile on my face.
finally finished my temporary write-and-translate-the-text-for-the-10-days-off-booklet-and-website last weekend. well, i think it’s finished, anyway. you should all come to that, it’s gonna be fantastic.
on a darker note, just got notice that i didn’t pass the exam i did for the vacancy at studio brussels. guess they didn’t like the fact that my first reaction was “alice cooper” instead of “moby” when they asked me about “18” [dutch readers will have read about this before].
naaa, that’s a cheap one. i’m just frustrated, that’s all.
just a bit.
honest, guv.

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tough luck mate, better things come to those who wait a little longer….

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