no bonus #2

update on the shadow thing mentioned earlier.
as i said, i sent an email to those responsible for the site, explaining i bought the vinyl and asking why vinyl buyers don’t get the extra stuff. they responded with a list of [standard, i think] questions about the os i use and what not. they clearly hadn’t understood the vinyl part. so i mailed again, explaining that i had the vinyl version, and that i am probably not the only person in the world who bought the vinyl but still wants access to the extra goodies. they answered with “so far you’re the only one”. the only one with enough time on his hands to nag about silly things, probably. but it’s not *really* about the extra goodies, is it? i am the defender of the vinyl buyers’ rights, yes sir! we vinyl lovers already pay more than the cd buyers, and we get fewer tracks, almost with every record. paying more is fine, after all, vinyl is so much nicer than cds. but we also are denied access to extra features. missing out on some cd-rom stuff, videos and that, is okay, but extra tracks, only obtainable if you buy the record? what are we, punished for buying an old fashioned sound carrier? we must put a stop to this!
so anyway, i answered that mabbe it would be a good idea to include some card with a key code for access to interweb pages and such with the vinyl. i mean, how hard can it be?

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hear hear….and isn’t dj shadow a DJ? a guy who spins VINYL records? I don’t think mr Davis would be happy about this. But hey, that’s what you get when signing to a mjor record label like universal.

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