new chapter of the “masterpiece” series @ kieslowski’s “three colors”.
i tried to see all three of those films, but the only one i could bare to watch until the end was “blue”. i found the other two too depressing in an artsyfartsy kind of way. i like depressing movies, but it has to be subtle.
or something.
mabbe i should try to watch them again. i’m older, wiser and more depressed now, so who knows 😉

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give me a call if you want the videos !
want to see a subtle depressing movie?
don’t go to Irréversible !

You can lend my tree video’s too. It’s best to see them all in one session, you’ll see the links between the movies and appreciate them better. You should also see “La double Vie de Véronique” btw.

bareuh: yeah, gimme drugs!
rich: haven’t seen the crow. that’s a goth movie innit? i can’t really think of any movie right now that would be worthy of such an honourary title as “favourite depressing movie”, but i guess i would consider ulysses’ gaze. also because it’s ten hours long or so.
johan: irréversible? never hoid of. i’ll check the week up 😉
joeri: you must hate me deeply 😉 i mean, blue, blanc & rouge in one go, that’s a killer.
véronique has always been one of those movies i wanted to see, but never did. i should, yes. and i’ll consider the three-in-one-go idea. but don’t come nagging afterwards if it turns out i slashed my wrists after seeing them 🙂

Dave, you can lend my Veronika tape as well. BTW: if you thing seeing B-B-R is a marathon: we watched the entire Heimat II series when I was a student. Yeah. In German 🙂

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