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10 record tracks nick hornby could not imagine living without.

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Nice selection, but not very well written. Lots of exclamation points that are totally unnecessary! It seems like Nick wrote his piece in an hour, and didn’t edit. Plus: it’s a bit painful to see that even Mr Hornby can’t seem to find the right words when explaining or describing music. Still, High Fidelity is a great book, and a great film. Same with About a Boy. Other books didn’t move me.

i like fever pitch, too. how to be good gave me the feeling he lost it a bit though. not quite the level he achieved in the other three books. mabbe he *has* lost it. i hope not.

Van Hornby vond ik alles eigenlijk wel goed. Jaag je zo doorheen al moet je Fever Pitch wat gedoseerder lezen. How To Be Good is niet zo goed ontvangen dus hopelijk wil hij zich wreken met iets heel goeds. In het Nederlands komt nou M’n Legendarische Ex uit van Gayle, moet er wel flink wat van weghebben. Iemand bekend met deze? (Dave, kheb tips nodig 😉 )

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