got this mail in today.

Dear Friend
I am passing through some difficulty which I believe that I cannot go through without a foreign partner or assistance.
This piece of information I am about to share with you if given serious attention I believe it will benefit both of us at the end of the day.
I am Dr OBIEZE OPARA former chairman of N.D.D.C in Delta state Nigeria, I was relieved from my appointment as the chairman of N.D.D.C and I was detained for a year and seven months by the Federal Government of Nigeria because I diverted $78,000,000 for myself from the account of the N.D.D.C.
Right now, I have been released and asked to refund the money.
I have already refunded $30,000,000 of the said fund.
Since that period all my movements is been monitored by the Federal and state government and their security operatives, so please I will like to send the remaining $48,000,000 to you so that you can keep it for me until I find my way over to your country where I wish to invest this fund.
I have already concluded arrangements with diplomat that will take charge of getting the money across to you in cash without any hitch.
The main reason I wish to move this fund out of the country is because if I attempt to invest these funds in the country, the Federal government will get to
know about it and they will seize the company, so you can see why I decided to use the means I am about to use in sending the funds out of the country.
I will first of all send my daughter to you, before I finally find my way to your country.
Meanwhile, I will appreciate if you will accept to be my Funds managers over there, in other to ensure that this fund is properly managed and channel into a profitable business venture in your country.
Once I get confirmation from you, we shall discuss your benefit for assisting me in this transaction.
I await your urgent response, all corresponded should be forwarded to this my private email addresses below.
Best Regards,

i’m deeply moved. such trust! $ 48,000,000 he wants to give me, and his daughter!
hurrah! i’m gonna be rich!

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ik krijg echt tig van dit soort berichtjes in de mail. misschien moet ik maar gewoon eens antwoorden. kijken wat er gebeurt 🙂
ps coole layout!
pps is “Name and email address are required” niet een beetje in tegenspraak met “mail [optional]”?

uitleg: ik wil niet dat mensen anoniem posten [hoewel je natuurlijk ook een valse naam kan gebruiken dat weet ik ook wel]. dat kun je aangeven in mt, maar dat heeft als consequentie dat e-mail dan verplicht is. kiezen tussen twee kwaden noemt men dat geloof ik. ik zou het tweaken als ik daar verstand van had, maar dat heb ik niet.

je hebt gelijk hoor. ik was aan het zeuren 🙂
ik heb een hotmail-adres genomen voor dit soort dingen. hoewel het hier niet zo nodig is (ik neem aan dat alleen jij m’n adres ziet als ik ook een “earl” geef. maar als ik zie wat een spam daar op binnenkomt ben ik blij dat ik niet meer steeds m’n eigen adres invul

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