didn’t go check out akufen‘s set yesterday @ cuba, did anybody who reads this go? i’d like to know if it was any good. if it was half as good as his album i’ll slap myself in the face for being so fuckin’ lazy.
what, you think i can’t do that? if edward norton can do it, so can i.
can’t afford to be lazy tonight tho. tonight’s adam f‘s night. i’ve never heard the man play before, so i’m curious. don’t know what to expect now, what with all that hip hop stuff he’s been doing lately. but word has it he’s gonna do a drum’n’bass set, so that’s good. not that i don’t like hip hop, mind, but i said somewhere i was gonna stun my friends with some swift moves on the dancefloor, so i’d better get ready.
on the other hand, it’s kinda hot, so mabbe i’ll just stand with the cool guys in the back, bopping my head from time to time, smoking spliffs and, well, being cool. you know, cool?

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