sometimes i wonder…
what ever happened to chug?
i only have one of their albums, “sassafras” it’s called, and a promo single called “golden mile”, which is on the same album.
now there was a group that kicked ass. “sassafras” is a brilliant album with raw cutting pop songs. i love screaming along with the words of “evel knievel” and whenever i play the album, i just have to, well, jump around. except for now, of course. i’m writing, you know.
on this page it says the band split up in 1998. can anybody send me a copy of the “metalon” album? i’ve never seen it anywhere.
i did a search on singer/guitarist/harmonica- and keyboardplayer norma o’malley, this old interview. then i did one on stephen kilroy, who isn’t on the “sassafras” album by the way, and apparently he’s got something fe do with arclife records. he’s now playing in the band heka. alan haig [not on the album either] used to be in the chills, the verlaines and snapper. couldn’t find anything on what he’s doing these days. bassist/guitarist/vocalist alf danielson released a single on merge, couldn’t find anything more [well, except for the other articles linked here]. if ound a working paper by a shaun broadley, but i don’t know if he was chug’s drummer on “sassafras”. he used to be in king loser as well! king loser, fantastic band. i used to have their “you cannot kill what does not live” album, but i haven’t got it anymore. i wonder where it went? and he is on a release by sandra bell on a belgian label that i’ve never heard of, turbulence. but what is he doing nowadays? david mitchell [not on “sassafras”] apparently did some solo work, but the only things i could find were a couple of references to records he was on. guitarist/vocalist/harmonica player sean o’reilly used to be in king loser too, and he did the lettering [whatever that means] on “silverbeet” by the bats. didn’t find anything else on him, either.
oh well.
i’m off to listen to my entire flying nun collection now.
what ever happened to flying nun anyway?

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Wow! heb net m’n platencollectie *gefilterd*. Een doos vol met troep die het huis verlaat. En een paar van die platen zijn van NZ groepkes. Heb ergens op een comp – Pop Eyed? – een liedje van Chug staan. Nooit echt een fan geweest van Bats en Chills. Maar This Kind of Punishment – Beard of Bees om precies te zijn – en ook Dead C zijn m’n favoriete NZ groepen. Oja. Tall Dwarfs mogen er ook zijn. heh.

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