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phil henken saw siouxsie & the banshees and suicide play live.
not a long time ago.
so siouxsie got her banshees back together. hmmm, don’t know what to think about that. “the seven year itch needed scratching”, they say on the creatures’ website. i think i saw them once, in vredenburg in utrecht. i remember liking it.
never liked suicide tho. i just don’t get it. the records – i never saw them live. friends of mine in spain were big fans, and they told me i should love suicide.
but i didn’t. just like i don’t like silver apples, another band that has had a big influence on many bands i do like. i try tho. every now and then i stick that one cd i have [two recordings on one cd: “silver apples” and “contact”] in the cd player, but i seldom hear it in one go.
i did like that “cubist blues” album that alan vega did with ben vaughn and alex chilton. but then, he “only” sings on that one.

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