bens are cool

i’ve been listening to this guy named ben kweller for a couple days. apparently, he’s hot. hot as in: music people love him. big reviews, interviews by endeared interviewers. oh dear. his upcoming album “sha sha” is nice tho. nice pop songs. no, really. it’s fresh.
and he’s friends with evan dando. you know, the lemonhead.
remember “i wish i was him”? it’s a song by ben lee. a tribute to evan dando. whatever happened to ben lee?
good old ben lee. he was in noise addict, and then he went solo. put out records on grand royal and that. he was a kid, just like ben kweller. everybody loved him. where is he now? does he have a record contract? ben lee! where are you?
ah, i see they all played together. the two bens and evan dando. that’s nice.
the two bens put out an mp3 split single last year. you can download it here.
bens are cool. i wish i was ben.
audio: ben kweller – sha sha