adam fuh

last friday we went to hear adam f. play, but were at least as horrified as the man himself to find out that his records hadn’t come on the plane with him and mc mc. which made me wonder why he didn’t bring them as hand luggage. i know i do every time i go to one of my numerous international gigs.
jokes aside tho, why didn’t he?
so we got lady vortex instead. she played some nice tunes, but after a while it got boring imho. like so many other drum&bass djs, she plays fucking hard stuff. hard stuff is good, don’t get me wrong, but what happened to the fun in drum&bass? it seems like that metallic hardsteppin’ stuff is the only thing you hear at parties these days. the crowd seems to love it, yet i don’t see any smiling faces. they yell, they respond to the mc’s ridiculous “say hohoh, say hohohoh”s, but there’s no real joy in it. and i can’t dance to that stuff. oh yeah, we had fun, what with tom & stevie & me doing some daft disco moves, getting all funky and stuff, but that wasn’t because of the music. and mc mc sucked.
funny tho to see adam f standing behind lady vortex, just looking on with a sad face. a couple of her mixes went slightly wrong, and i could see he was about to touch the decks, to get the mix back on track.
so we left after about an hour or so.
apparently, system d played a pretty good set afterwards, and adam f even played a couple of system d’s records, but by then we were having a surreal conversation with a very drunk man called eric who went on and on about akufen’s set the day before, how he had taken away the beat but still had one, constructed out of random noises from the room. this eric guy introduced a new expression to be used for vincent’s sense of humour: pre-glasses humour and post-glasses humour [as in: vincent’s sens of humour before he puts his glasses on and after]. it was a nice teaser for next day’s tour de la belgique surrĂ©aliste, yep.