aaaaargh 2

well, i’m up and running again. the mother board broke down last saturday, so i had to get a new one yesterday. the pc doctor tried to fuck me over, too, that bastardo. he said he needed 5 hours to fix it, stick the new board in and re-install everything and so on, but i just didn’t have that kinda money, so i asked him if he could just do the mother board thingie and i would take care of the rest. so he started protesting a bit and saying that that wasn’t possible and and and… but as soon as i said the magic words [“i have no money”] he was fine.
at night, all i had to do was re-install w2k, which took about an hour. so he wanted me to pay for 3 or 4 hours more than he would have needed.
tsk. can’t trust anyone anymore these days.