a definite no-no

last week i had my first job interview in three months of unemployment. they had called me without me sending them my cv or anything. the interview went pretty well, i had a good feeling about it. such a good feeling in fact, that i picked up the blogging thing again, even though i had said there wouldn’t be any blogging until i’d found a job.

and i kept telling myself, don’t feel so good about it, you can’t be sure, don’t get your hopes up, yada yada yada. couldn’t help myself though. i’ve known one of the guys for a couple of years [we’re not friends though, just friendly], and well, they had called me, right?

they said they would give me a call by the end of that same week, or at the beginning of this one. i sent them an e-mail on tuesday, no answer. so i gave the guy i know a ring yesterday.

“errr, yes, sorry, i should have called you.”

right. i knew enough.

“we hired someone else. you’re over qualified, sorry.”

over qualified?


audio: bauchklang – jamzero [website]

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